Midnight Serenade

Chinoiserie? Oui, Oui






Whats Not to Love?

The heavenly home of Michael Karbelnikoff and Cheryl Dunn.  I asked Cheryl a handful of questions about their decorating….

How would you define your decorating style? - Collaborative collecting. Piece by piece. Mostly works of art from friends and objects from extensive traveling. Hand made things to remember experiences and places.

Do you design around the art? - Yes, my home is my curatorial experience of living with the art I collect.  When I get something new it becomes a whole new ecosystem and feeling.

What’s most important to you in your home int design? - I consider how people will move in the space.  I like open spaces where everyone feels connected. When it comes to furniture, we have a mix of some very special pieces like the cast iron, wood and marble ice cream table and some practical ones like our large modern couch.

How long did it take until you felt the apartment was finished? - I feel I am never done but as New Yorkers we all work with pretty finite spaces. It’s nice to change things up once and a while, get a new piece or just move things around.



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Fear, fashion and fabulousness

I may be preaching to the converted now but if you haven’t seen The Eyes of Laura Mars your in for a real treat.  Not only is it a spine tingling thriller but the interiors are to die for.

Perfectly Imperfect

I waver between a desire for symmetrical perfection and colorful imbalance.  I tend to live with symmetry for a while and eventually spice it up with something to throw it if balance. This apartment in Lisbon, from in The World of Interiors June 2011 issue illustrates a colorful imbalance in spades.





It’s subtle but divine

This is one of the first apartments that I decorated.  It was more of a make over than a decorating project.  A lovely apartment in the east village, the owner wanted something simple and affordable, no razzle dazzle.  It’s simple, soothing and serene.  We repainted with a pale Farrow and Ball palette, discarded the cassette tapes, found furniture and knick knacks.  Then had the bookshelves painted, color coded the books and replaced the curtains with blinds in the bedroom.  In the living/dining rooms we reupholstered the chairs, replaced a ceiling fan with a pendant lamp, added antique and contemporary art, bought a rug, lamps and accent pieces and called it a day.

Nantucket Jem

When on holiday in Nantucket, run don’t walk to the antique and housewares store Atlantic.  Truly one of the best curated stores I’ve ever had the pleasure of shopping in. This store rocked my world.  http://www.atlanticnantucket.com/

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The Ongoing Saga: Designing my Office

I’ve spent years decorating and redecorating and pondering and considering how to layout my office.  I kept it simple and functional when I first moved in in June of 2007. The magnetic inspiration board was crucial and a bookshelf organized by subject.  I invited the suggestions of decorator friends (at the time I was working as a fashion designer).  I painted the bookshelves grey, got a black sisal, installed wooden blinds, ordered a leather couch then cancelled it.  I just and couldn’t get it right.

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dreamy bachelorette pad

Carrie Imberman has a wonderful sense of color, texture and composition.  Her apartment is a cornucopia of primitive, modern, antique and ethnic furnishings.  She mixes fearlessly and with a sense of humor.  Now, I pride myself on my photographic abilities but in this case I’m sad to say I did not capture the essence of this dreamy bachelorette pad.  Lets hope you receive and invitation to one of her infamous cocktail parties so you can see for yourself what a truly original home she’s created.

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Castle Ashby

Koto Bolofo photographed the breathtaking Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire, England for Casa Vogue

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Glorious Parisian Pad

Professor Flostre’s apartment in the 1957 musical Funny Face starring Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn.  Professor Flostre is not only a inspiring philosopher, he’s also a talented decorator. Drink in this bohemian dream….